Best CONCEPT CARS (and 1 BIKE) of the week… #cars #conceptcars #design #cardesign


Some of these may actually be at the LA Auto Show, but in case they aren’t, welcome to the COOLEST BLOG ON THE PLANET.

No, seriously. I pay big bucks for coolness ‘cuz tain’t cheap, …hombres.

2016-Nissan-Maxima honda-fcev Mazda-Auto-Adapt-Concept Nissan Blade Glider Peugeot-RCZ-R pininfarina-chords-concept-by-giampiero-sbrizzi1b Super-Wide-Body-C7  Toyota-FT-HS1 Toyota-FT-HS2 toyota-ft-hs3 Toyota-FT-HS4 w-motors-lykan-supersport Yamaha-PES1-concept-motorcycle

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