This week’s MALIBU SURFSIDE NEWS Comic #3… #art #comic #comicstrip


Dogs are meant to run and it’s too bad that if you live in a big city, they are confined to a tiny dog park. That’s why the beach is cool. Although dogs are essentially not allowed on the beach, people do it by the hoards and risk the ticky. Why? Because of LOVE.

Yes, love. We love to see our dogs free. To see them smiling and having fun. And that makes our hearts soar. So, I for one am for a DOGS ONLY BEACH. No humans. Just roll on up the the beach and let your dogs have at it. Then, come pick them up later. They’ll be exhausted, having had a blast and will go right to bed, after din-din. Unless, you’re a mean owner and you’ve trained a mean dog. Then you can just drop your dog off at the Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado and check yourself into a LOVE FARM… for a month.

C’mon. Life is for loving things and there’s no sense in being mean. So just stop being so dang serious and check out my comic instead.



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