The LA Auto Show… in WHITE #white #cars #laautoshow #carshow #design


Ah yes. The color of WHITE. Actually, white isn’t a color at all… but the absence of color as black is the assemblage of ALL colors. And so, as it is with “absence” that I bring to you… CARS with no paint on them. 😉

Check out these babies from Press Days and then get back to work! (**DON’T FORGET TO CLICK THE “READ ON” LINK ON THE LAST PHOTO!!! There’s always more than what you see here on the homepage!)

DSC07639 DSC07651 DSC07652 DSC07657 DSC07661  DSC07663 DSC07664 DSC07668 DSC07671 DSC07678 DSC07679 DSC07698 DSC07702 DSC07715 DSC07720

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