Today’s BEST DESIGNS are sick… #cardesign #cardesigner #conceptcar


So if you’re not sure you like the new Mustang, here’s a sexy lady to take your mind off it. And by putting her in the picture, what is Ford actually saying?

A. Ignore our car. Look at the lady. And no, she doesn’t come with it.

B. You buy our car and the ladies line up.

C. No matter how hard you push, our car won’t budge.

D. Bears hibernate because they just feel like.

You pick. I’ll check out these other cool designs…

Alcraft Audi-Crossover-Concept McLaren-Special-Operations Saic-Roewe-mobiliant-single-seat-vehicle vision-gran-turismo-concepts-in-gran-turismo-1 vision-gran-turismo-concepts-in-gran-turismo-2 vision-gran-turismo-concepts-in-gran-turismo-3 vision-gran-turismo-concepts-in-gran-turismo-4

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