TIME BOMB… A Sci-Fi HyperShort from Anthony Lawrence… #scifi #shortstory #story #sciencefiction

It’s Monday, and that means that it’s time for another HyperShort from Fireball Pop (Anthony Lawrence). This time, involving Space Travel. Get ready for a coolest in Sci-Fi jaunts ever…



By Anthony Lawrence

“What are you saying?”

“It should be obvious.”

“No more sex? No love-making?”

Carline’s laugh was musical. “Certainly not in the sense that you’ve explained it.”

The Traveler had contemplated the changes in patterns of life and love that might take place in the future. He had accepted many of the things he had seen as he had advanced through time on his other expeditions. He had learned much about quantum mechanics and synchronicity. He was relieved that man and machine had not yet merged and become one. They were still helping each other and that was a good thing.

Humankind had managed to ride out the worst of climate change by curbing the use of fossil fuels. The advances in technology were truly unbelievable. Nanotechnology had made practically anything possible. Anti-gravity cars whirled overhead, through and around curving skyways that arched from tower to tower.  The colors that surrounded him were stunning and beautiful. Not only had all architecture become canvasses for superb street artists, the skin colors and tats of the people around him were dazzling in their unique diversity, covering the entire range of the rainbow and imagination.

But it was the androgynous thing that bothered him. Carline had explained that the best of women and the best of men had combined in generations to produce just one sex. It was all that was really needed.  Technology was able to supply orgasm and babies, so now they simply reveled in kindness and affection. Carline laughed again and he (she) wrapped both arms around the Traveler’s neck and kissed him warmly on both cheeks.

“For us,” Carline said exultantly, “beauty, excitement, danger or delicious sensuality is programmed to enhance one another. Stay with us and see what a truly wonderful world we have made.”

But it was a bit too much for the Traveler to accept. He liked the unstructured, somewhat chaotic life he had left behind. So he used the “router” in his head and his knowledge of quantum mechanics to head home. He was quite unaware that a surprise would be awaiting him. Carline’s simple affectionate embrace had made some unique changes in the Traveler’s molecular and biomechanical structure. He had become pregnant


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