ELEGY… A Hyper-Short from Anthony Lawrence… #scifi #shortstory @shortstory

Ok, so now Fireball Pop is really pumpin’ out the Sci-Fi with some great stories for you guys. He’s even taking requests for subjects like NanoTech, Telekenisis, Other Worlds or whatever. Suggest an idea, maybe Pop will pop one out. But for now… “Houston, we have a problem…”


“ELEGY”  by Anthony Lawrence

SpaceX Launch control, this is U.S. Space Marshal John Hubbard with my last transmission from the American module aboard the International Space Station. According to the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and other Celestial Bodies, known as the Moon Treaty, the jurisdiction for all laws regarding heavenly bodies is part of the civilian international community pact. As you know, it was under that authority that I was dispatched to investigate unusual occurrences aboard the ISS.

According to my earlier reports, upon arriving at the ISS, I was dismayed to discover the remains of the missing ISS crew as well as those of the docked civilian space probe, the octaweb USS Peregrine 8, which had just returned from its deep space mission to explore the moons of Jupiter.  Upon further investigation and forensic examination I have been able to determine all the crew identities.

They had all perished instantly from self-inflicted wounds from their EM 35 Magnacoil side-arms. Notes left on their Ibeams were all consistent with the belief that they had no other option considering the alternative. Their last requests were that the contents of their messages be forwarded to their families. It is also my request that my wife, Emily, and my daughter, Joan, be told that I love them and wish them a happy and productive life.

I will state summarily that we have come under an extraterritorial jurisdiction that we did not know existed. As we have always suspected, there are other intelligent sentient beings in our universe that have different and more radical judicial and legal systems. One of those Security Forces has declared both the ISS and Perigrine crews, as well as myself, guilty of breaking interspatial laws. Since even our own laws affirm that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” we have little grounds on which to object to our conviction and the extreme penalty of permanent personal isolation in space. According to their own Space Treaties under “Memorandum of Understandings,” we have no right of appeal and my particular penalty is imminent. Rather than suffer a lingering death in space, I have also chosen to pass on quickly by my own hand.

Though we may find their punishment for these offenses grossly severe by our standards, it appears that it is their right by dominance to inflict them. In short, the offenses were unauthorized space registration and speeding. My time is up now. God Bless Mother Earth. U.S. Space Marshall Hubbard, over and out.


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