Get THUMBSTUCK and watch your life change… #thumbstuck #fireball

Photo on 12-13-13 at 4.17 PM

What does it mean to be THUMBSTUCK?

It means that things are all good. That life is working well and perfect and that you always make quality decisions Now, not all people believe this is possible, but it is.

“According to your belief, it’s done unto you.” Yea, a famous paraphrase for sure, but what’s it mean? Well, let’s analyze this for a minute…

The Law of Karma says that whatever you send out into the world, comes back to you. Like a boomarang. That means, if you THINK thoughts that are GOOD, then ONLY GOOD can come back. I see now what they mean. If I GIVE COOLNESS and make sure my thumb is always in the up position, then COOLNESS COMES. We can all do this. We can all see something GOOD in everything, but it is a choice.

For today, and just for today… do YOUR BEST at seeing only good in everything and everyone. Be grateful. Be kind… Get Thumbstuck.

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