Day trip to IDYLLWILD for fun & chocolatey spicey goodness… @idyllwild

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A day or two ago, I grabbed the fam and we headed up to the mountains for a zoom in this week’s 2014 Caddy CTS. Although there was no snow and it was a 70 degree January day, we had an absolute blast. Yes, winter in Cali is a challenge…

First off, lunch was at the famous LA CASITA restaurant where they sell one of the best salsas I’ve ever had. A spicy creamy jalapeno mix that kicks just about anything, Mexican to Burgers. Get some if you like salsas and give a big wave to Roberto. They were awesome and tell ’em the Fireball sent ya….

A short skirt into town revealed a host of cool shops too, from gifts to chocolatey goodness.

It’s easy to forget what a day like this can bring. We get caught up in our day-to-day and taking time off with the family to go somewhere unique is so important. Anywhere. In fact, it’s better if you DO go somewhere you’ve never been as it’s more of an adventure of discovery. We call them Hat-Trick-Trips. 3 places in one day, although in the case of Idyllwild, it was lunch, chocolate and a playground.

Be sure to HIT THE JUMP for more shots below…

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