This week @ THE MALIBU FIREBALL PAD… Superbowl, Toys, 5MD, Cars, Comics & Cool @malibu #malibu @malibooz


BIG week here at the Fireball Pad in the Bu. Lots of fun and wacky projects building that should add to this year’s Official Cool Factor (OCF). So, let’s get to it…

KCL… has secure the contract for the 2015 ARIZONA SUPERBOWL. That means that Kathie is building the Superbowl Mascot to premiere in Arizona. I’ve been designing him for the last couple months and it looks pretty fun. If you recall, she did the Superbowl a few years back with SPIKE. And although his name will be the same, the design is completely different. New KCL Episodes coming also.

TOYS… Because of my writings in the PATCH, an interesting opportunity has come for toys. Just signed a licensing deal with a great new client to design toys for Christmas 2014. On shelves. Now, although I can’t say who or what it is, I can say that the toys are gonna be awesome. And yes, cars. But, if you know the kind of stuff I like to do, then you’ll know they won’t be normal. Cha.

5MINUTE DRIVE… episode was supposed to go live this morning but due to Youtube tech difficulties (Thank you very much), it borked. So, expect that episode tomorrow… but here’s an image for ya until then.

CARS… be comin’ to the Fireball Pad this year and this week is the aggregation. I’ll be driving cars from CHEVROLET, CADILLAC, HYUNDAI, KIA, VOLVO, MITSUBISHI, PORSCHE, BMW & MINI. Looking to secure others, too but there WILL be some surprises.

COMICS… will continue @ the MALIBU SURFSIDE NEWS, but we’ve expanded to RIDE OF THE WEEK. New articles about cool people in Malibu with their Cool Rides. Be sure to subscribe or peruse the site for the latest. This is a year of advancement and serious growth and I’m stoked about that. Do you live in the Bu and want to be featured?

BOOKS… are still in the works. WACKY STATES is looking for a Publisher and Book 3 will be on its way (conceptually) soon. Yes, it’s LETTERS and kids are gonna love this one.

On the Fireball Project Horizon? The Sedona Film Festival, Mill Dog Rescue, Ebay Motors, Talk Show & Hypershorts.


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