No, no… If you want it to fit, you have to…. FUTURETECTURE!!!! #architecture #zahahadid #buildings #design


Ok, here we have some interesting shapes and forms. Enough to pucker the brain stem for the weekend. I mean, look at this one below. What does that thing even mean?

Well, whatever it is, it should be the Evil Lego Villain’s Lair.

Sarpi-Border-Checkpoint-1-640x640 sigrid-hintersteininger-architects-hahn-+-kolb-logistics-center som-jakarta SydMead The-Willow-House_18600_355 UA-studio-7-fushun-green-center-high-rise-designboom01 Víctor-Enrich2 Zha, Jazz zaha-hadid-wangjing-SOHO-construction-01anonymousarchitects_carparkhouse_db_01

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