Today’s HOT RIDES… from @KiaGTStinger @Acura @Cadillac @ToyotaFT1 #MINIJCW @Mitsubishi


Awesome rides coming in from the DETROIT AUTO SHOW including the stunning Cadillac 2-Door Coupe ATS. But check out these other babies. So gonna drive each one of them up PCH.

DSC_0080-620x350 GT6-12 Kia-GT4-Stinger-1 Kia-GT4-Stinger-2 Kia-GT4-Stinger-3 Kia-GT4-Stinger-4 Kia-GT4-Stinger-5 Kia-GT4-Stinger-Concept-1 MINI-JCW-Concept-1 Mini-JCW-Concept-2 Mugen-Vezel-Concept-1 Mugen-Vezel-Concept-2 The 2015 Acura TLX Prototype. The 2015 Acura TLX Prototype.

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