Today’s DRIVING THE FUTURE with the BMW iSeries Hybrid and EV #bmwev #electric


The iSeries BMWs (i3 & i8) have officially launched and look quite fantastic. (Plus the M9 Radion Concept) It’s a wonderful thing to see EVs on the road as mainstream, slowly replacing gas powered vehicles. One step closer to perfection in transportation. Take a look at today’s DRIVING THE FUTURE and try not to drool on your keyboard.

It’s Sunday, so get out there today and thank God for all coolness. 😉

bmw_i8_1 bmw_i8_3 bmw_i8_6 bmw_i8_7 bmw_i8_9 bmwi3_2 bmwi3_3 bmwi3_4 bmwi3_6 bmwi3_7 bmwi3_10

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