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An incredible thought-provoking piece today to start your Monday. Welcome to the future… courtesy of the master.

“CREATION”  by Anthony Lawrence

“So tell me how this all began,” queried the Therapist gently.

“I always liked tiny things, doll house figures, little glass sculptures like in ‘The Glass Menagerie.’ You ever see that? Tennessee Williams?” “No, I never saw the play but I read it in school.” Rosalind smiled. “I liked miniature paintings, too. You know, Hilliard, portraits on vellum and ivory. Anyway, I was so lonely, just like Laura in the play. I was scared, too.” “Scared? What were you scared of?” “Oh, just about everything, “answered Rosalind. “War, disease, men mostly.”

“So you discovered your father had this 3-D printer?”

“Actually, it’s a 4-D. Kind of like a 3-D on steroids. It’s the latest thing and called a Prime-Printer. Dad called it the ‘God Printer.’ He’s an MIT researcher and he developed it in his lab at home.”

“So what was it you created?” “Well it started out with chocolate. It was really good. I made a beautiful dress, too. Then, I started reading Dad’s notes about the printer. He said it was all about “self-assembly” and that it could allow any idea that’s out there to take physical form.” “Are you saying it can actually change physics?” The Therapist asked with obvious skepticism. “No, it doesn’t change physics, but it changes the way that materials act in the realm of physics. There was something about philosophy too. I didn’t quite understand it but it was about the fact that ultimately objects have desire. Not only do we desire them, but they also have desire about what they will be. It’s a little weird.”

“So I assume you went further than chocolate?”

“Well, I was terribly fascinated about ‘Nano-printing.’ Tiny little things, like a  grain of sand, little tiny robots that can peek into your private life. You know, like you could have your own little army to protect you. Actually, we’re just crawling with them like fleas and I saw that they could be programmed to cut my hair and groom myself.”

“And so you programmed your own little personal army?”

Rosalind’s face darkened as she continued. “I didn’t think it would hurt anybody. But I didn’t realize what Dad meant about ‘self-assembly.’ Something began to happen – You don’t believe me, do you? You don’t believe anything I’ve said.” “Of course I do, Rosalind. So far, anyway.” The Therapist smiled gently. “Tell me more.” “Well,” she said after a moment, the fear growing in her voice, “The nanobots created a man, a really beautiful young man who said strange things at first, like ‘fused filament’ and something about ‘microns.’ Then, he spoke perfect English and said he wanted to be my companion and wanted to help me in every way. The next minute his face seemed to change and he was speaking in different languages.”

As Rosalind paused, the Therapist inquired, “What happened next?” “He disappeared” she responded fearfully. “You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” The Therapist smiled sympathetically. “First of all, I would never use that term, Rosalind. Secondly, I only want to help you. After all, Mi avete creato. Siete dio.” Rosalind didn’t understand what that last bit meant, but the Therapist had said, “You created me. You are God.”


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Who is ANTHONY LAWRENCE? Beginning his career as an actor in the early fifties, Anthony performed in many plays and films, then began writing in television. Nine episodes of Bonanza, then on to many other series such as Gunsmoke, Columbo, the Fugitive, Outer Limits, Hawaii 5-O and the Twilight Zone, creating and producing Sci-fi/Fantasy series such as The Sixth Sense and the Phoenix with wife and partner, Nancy Lawrence. He was considered one of the most prolific writers in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, writing films for Blake Edwards, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and three Elvis Presley films for Hal Wallis at Paramount.  He also wrote and produced the three-hour Award Winning Presley biopic starring Kurt Russell, has received four WGA nominations as well as being named on the “Writer’s Guild List of 101 Best-Written TV Series.”

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