Fireball’s DRIVING THE FUTURE… with the GMC Granite, BOT Taxi, Stinger & DATSUN? @kia #gmcgranite #kiastinger


Today’s DRIVING THE FUTURE comes with a host of cool concepts. The BOT is an Autonomous Taxi that whisks you pretty much anywhere, the new DATSUN Concept (Yes, they’re coming back!), the cool GMC GRANITE & Kia’s STINGER Concept in convertible form. I’ll take a the Granite, thank you very much. But, if I need a Taxi… I’ma doin’ it.

Datsun-concept-car-0 GMC-GRanite-Concept-1 GMC-GRanite-Concept-2 GMC-GRanite-Concept-3 GMC-GRanite-Concept-7 Kia-GT4-Concept

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