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Today’s HyperShort involves the subject of CLONING. Oh sure, it’s fine when you want an extra sheep or pig to roam around the farm. But when you want to do something as simple as clone your wife, people get all in a huff. See what happens…

“INIQUITY”   by Anthony Lawrence

An online advertisement from THE NEWMATE INSTITUTE of Molecular Cloning:

Seventeen years have passed since the legalization of Molecular Cloning and the NEWMATE INSTITUTE has been the leader in eradicating grief and loss through replication of spouses, gay and straight. Through the most advanced technologies in complete DNA and RNA manipulation, the NEWMATE INSTITUTE has become the gold standard in restoration in less than six months of loved ones who have been lost through natural and accidental experiences. Our laboratories have been the mainstays for protocols and techniques. We have a purebred ancestry and proud heritage. Our results and benefits to mankind are well documented. THERE IS NO LONGER A NEED TO SUFFER FROM YOUR LOSS. Contact us now:

Excerpt from an article in the Los Angeles Times, September 4, 2049:


He had lost his wife and was inconsolable. Then, he saw the ad for the Newmate Institute online and John Morgan, a Los Angeles stockbroker, decided to use re-captured cells from his wife to clone not one, but three wives in the exact same image. Turns out, however, it had nothing to do with grief, money or success, but rather the LIFESTYLE he wanted to enjoy. Since he needed someone to host the lavish parties he wanted to throw and, since his work with clients was 98% of the time online, he needed someone to share the load. Apparently he needed the third clone simply as a “trophy wife” whom he could show off to his friends.

Unfortunately, the first clone became insanely jealous and shot the other two cloned wives. She has been indicted on two charges of murder and John Morgan is also in prison, having been arraigned on charges of polygamy, which has been the unlawful specific practice of one man taking several wives in North America since the mid-nineteenth century.


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Beginning his career as an actor in the early fifties, he performed in many plays and films, then began writing in television, nine episodes of Bonanza, then on to many other series such as Gunsmoke, Columbo, the Fugitive, Outer Limits, and the Twilight Zone, creating and producing Sci-fi/fantasy series such as The Sixth Sense and the Phoenix with his wife and partner, Nancy Lawrence. He was considered one of the most prolific writers in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, writing films for Blake Edwards, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and three Elvis Presley films for Hal Wallis at Paramount.  He wrote and produced a three-hour Presley biopic starring Kurt Russell, has received four WGA nominations as well as being named on the Writer’s Guild list of 101 best-written TV series.

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