Sunday’s Frenchy DRIVING THE FUTURE with… #Citroen #LandRover #Kia #Mercedes #Peugeot #cardesign

Renault Kwid

Ho, ho, ho… as they say in French, which means…. Wow! Check out these awesome Concepts from us in Paris! Well, maybe that isn’t exactly what it means, but you get the point. Here we have some great concepts from the land of Mimes and Bread, my fav being the PEUGEOT KIWD. (That’s the yellow and grey one) I’d rock that puppy to the beach in a heartbeat.

Which one turns your twinkie? Leave a post, baby.

DC-Design-Avani-14 Elio-P4-0 Felnio-cB7-11 Future-LR-Defender Kia-Soul-EV Merc-Baby-SLS-0Citroen-C4-Cactus

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