Monday DRIVING THE FUTURE with #Jaguar #RollsRoyce #SSangYong #Tata #Toyota #Vauxhall #VWBeetle


What a sexy car, although just a photoshop render at the moment. But Jaguar should take a serious look at this Shooting Brake if they want to expand and bring new customers to the fold. Also included in today’s DTF set is a Rolls Wagon, SsangYong XLV Concept, Tata, Toyota TE-S800, Vauxhall-Vivaro Van, Volkswagen Amarok Polar Expedition and Andretti Rallycross Beetle.

As always, keep up to date on new concepts here…

Roll Shooting BrakeSsangYong-XLV-Concept-0 Tat-Connect Toyota-TE-S800_main Vauxhall-Vivaro Volkswagen-Amarok-Polar-Expedition-0 Volkswagen-Andretti-Rallycross-Beetle-1

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