A Day @ The CHOPRA CENTER… #deepakchopra @choprastore


Last weekend, Kathie and I decided that the weekly road-trip in the Chrysler 300 would be to The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego. And since we like Deepak ’cause of his cool name and propensity to illumine our pea-brains, we hit it. (But not after grabbing Fireball Pop for the spin!)

If you’ve read any of Deepak’s books, then you know that he’s all good. And the Chopra Center is a cool place to visit and see what’s up. We had Pizza at the La Costa Resort and met this lil’ pooch who’s tongue moved at an unGodly speed.

All in all, a day of fun in the Varvatos 300. (But since I’m now driving the 2014 BMW M6 Grand Coupe… let’s move on.)

DSC00316 DSC00317 DSC00318 DSC00319 DSC00320

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