ABADDON… A very dark Sci-Fi HyperShort by Ethan Lawrence #scifistory @bleedingcool #comicbook #hypershort


Today’s HyperShort is all descriptive, detailed and dark. Now we know the truth…

“Abaddon” by Ethan Lawrence

The sun, the Creator, the central body of the solar system, was the symbol of life-giving properties and the energy source of all early human existence.   But the moon, or ‘Black Sun’, was the preferred source of ancient celestial power for the alien visitor.  The moon ruled over the hidden processes of nature, the hollow spaces of the earth, and the movements of all the fluidic elements within and upon the earth’s surface.  Among the moon’s many powers was that of influencing the minds of early developing humans, and the alien could exploit this power through illusions to distort reality.

There prevailed an almost universal belief that the physiological life of emerging Homo sapiens was linked with the moon, and the psychological implications connected with the moon were part of the allure for the alien.  He had a powerfully destructive influence on life and roamed primeval earth like a vampire seeking humans to devour.

Like the moon, the alien had an immense attractive power over the forces of nature – water, ice, storm lightning, a magnetic quality known to future ancients, the power to use destructive forces to his own ends.  Also, human bodies, and the bodies of all living things, constituted as they were largely of liquid elements, were affected by the power the alien could generate from the moon.  Even the developing human brain, a mass of semi-liquid pulp, could be stirred in strange ways by the impulses of the seemingly diabolical visitor.  The alien also exploited the waning and waxing powers of the moon, and could sometimes decrease the God-sun’s powers and energy.  And like the changes and phases of the moon, the alien had the power to metamorphose, to change his appearance, to alter his facial structure, to elongate his limbs, to blend like a chameleon.

The use of thoughts was the alien’s destructive corruption of the ancient super science of his world.  He had managed to materialize thoughts in the minds of impressionable humans, which accorded him power that only a few humans would ever really understand through the many ages to come.  The alien used thought manipulation to create either subtle or disastrous effects.  It could alter an ordinary person’s belief or cause physical pain within their bodies or even set off an explosive force by ultra forceful frequency vibration.  But the alien had another weapon, which was far more insidious, a trident, three-pronged spear unlike any the universes had ever seen.  When activated, it could energize natural forces of the moon into currents under the alien’s direct control.  It was also a molecular converter, allowing the alien to alter his physiognomy and to transport him instantly to other positions in space and time.  The alien was dark, not of complexion, but of aura.  He was an evil lamb, a disastrous curse of the spirit.  The visitor was all things wrong and to be despised, as he was wrapped in a deceptive skin of replication.  He was in human terms, a man approaching thirty-five, each feature borrowed from a different classic reprobate of bygone alien cultures.  His eyes were the key; they seemed of animal origin, almost, but not quite, double lidded, opening to reveal a rubbed charcoal color.  They blazed and died at will, like an imploding star.  His hands were contradiction to human configuration, beautifully shaped but with long tapered fingers and dangerously curved nails that looked more like talons.  The alien’s grasp could reach through a warp in time, soundless, but for the small chill of air.

Millions of years later, an obscure Hebrew word would be found in the Old Testament denoting “the angel of the abyss” – a reference to this ancient demon known as Abaddon.   In various other Testaments, he was known as “the father of lies” and “the venom of God.”  In Revelations 20:10, he was simply described as – the Devil.


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