Tip# 347 in a series… When you reach down to touch your toes, don’t forget to tighten your FUTURETECTURE!!!!! #architecture #design #trend


An amazing residence in Joshua Tree. A place like this really shows what can happen when inspiration meets the hands of those who believe they can. Built in the 80’s, how is it that you’re not seeing it until now? Well, it does blend with the environment pretty dang well. 😉

residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-9 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-10 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-11 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-13 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-15 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-17 residence-Kendrick-Bangs-Kellogg-18

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