What’s up @ The Fireball Pad next week? Ostrich, @Arrowhead @Kia Flintstones, Bill Wall, Toys, T-Shirts & a new SHOW! @WCM_AgouraHills

Man, I really have to get myself Xeroxed…. Ok, here we go… NEXT WEEK is off the hook with so much happening that I have to leave town just to do it all!! But, here at The Fireball Pad, that’s how we roll… so let’s get started.

KCL is full steam into another OSTRICH for The White House Easter Egg Roll. Coming along nicely and here’s a Behind the Scenes Shot of Kathie doin’ her thang.


• Off to BIG BEAR and ARROWHEAD on Wednesday for a scoot in this week’s ride. The 2014 KIA OPTIMA. Gonna wee willie winkle the roads up there and visit Sarkisian Coffee while I’m at it.


• This week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE episode airing on Monday features Hollywood Director BRIAN LEVANT and the EXTREEEEEME KING TAHOE! He directed THE FLINTSTONES. Wait for it… Wait for it… KAPOWEEEE!!!

• My article in The Malibu Surfside News (out on Wednesday) features celeb and all around cool guy, BILL WALL of BILL WALL LEATHER. His cars are sick!

• Designs for my new TOYS are comin’ together nicely. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be on shelves in WalMart, Target and more for XMas. What are they? Well, all I can say is that they are squashed, pulled apart, slammed down and ripped together. Stay toooned for more NEWS coming…

• New Kid’s T-SHIRTS are also coming from WORLD CLASS MOTORING! They’re called MUSCLE•KID™ and the first shirt is gonna make kids go bonkers! Should be any day now…

5MINUTE DRIVE is doing so well that local station KDOC-LA56 has plans. Can’t say much more, but if you squeeze your eyeballs closed and envision coolness, you’ll be dead-on.

Off to The Rose for coffee this morgone. Who’s with me??

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