Life is precious… #life #hawk #babyhawk #malibu


Got back to the Fireball Pad last week and discovered this little guy in my living room. A baby Hawk (although I’m not a bird expert), but he was cornered under a chair with my dogs watching over him. They could easily get to him and weren’t attacking as my pooches are more scare-dy cats than Malibu Attack CockaPoos, but they just seemed to find him interesting. I reached over and picked him up with effort as it seemed that he was in bad shape.

Beautiful eyes and weighing about 1/2lb, he was a stunner. I immediately attempted to take him to the Wildlife Center in Malibu, but moments after we got into the car, he sadly moved on. Now, I’d never seen a bird like this up close and that was a gift. For that, I’m thankful. But it again reminds me of the fragility of life.

Worries and fears achieve nothing but harm… to oneself. We all have to try and be the watchmen at the gates of our own thoughts to ensure we don’t damage our success by allowing doubts to cloud the truth. And the truth is that we are all perfect… as this little guy was. For today, no judgement, no criticism, no harm. Give smiles and compliments, especially to yourself. And stop to enjoy the nature around you. Especially the birds. Be grateful for what you have and more will come.

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