2014 KIA OPTIMA Roadtrip to Arrowhead… #kiaoptima #arrowhead #bigbear


Just got back from a couple days in Arrowhead & Big Bear, roadtrippin’ the 2014 KIA OPTIMA Turbo. Smoooth and very easy car to drive. Comfortable on the long haul and very non-descript, so we slipped through traffic and by cops with ease. (Like we weren’t even there.) Gas mileage was pretty awesome at about 35 average.


If you’ve never been to Arrowhead or Big Bear (Snowboarding), then Snow Summit is a hop-skip… when there’s snow, which there wasn’t. DOH! But we had fun just walkin’ around and enjoying the brisk air. The dogs were flippin’ the wild weenie at all the things around to sniff. As a car geek, Big Bear is a very car town… but this past weekend it was like a ghost town. I mean zilch! So again, the most we did was walk, eat and sit in front of the fire in our cabin at Big Frontier. Oof, that was gooood…

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