It’s APRIL 3RD, and that means… #birthday #cool #driving #malibu #happybirthday


Chahooooga! Today is my Birthday and I’m celebrating by doin’ the cool. That means, takin’ the day off from ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’ and just chillin.’ So, I’m gonna go to the gym (’cause that’s fun), eat some awesome lunch (’cause I do that), maybe sit on the beach or relax in a park and then go to CHOLADA for dinner at about 6pm. … Ok, wait.

Scratch that! (Everything but the gym and eating.) I think I’ll just DRIVE COOL CARS ALL FRIKKIN’ DAY!!!! (And if any of you like the world’s best Thai Food,  join me.) PLUS, On Saturday, I’m headin’ to Culver City to see CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Wanna go? Details coming, but plan for Ice Cream!

What’s coming to the FIREBALL PAD?? Well, right now I have the 2014 KIA SOUL… But there’s more.

KiaBMW Dodge


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