GIVE first… then Get everything #giving #receiving #dogood #lawofattraction


I have to admit, I grew up (despite wonderful parents) with a selfish streak. Maybe because I was the youngest of 5? Maybe because I learned that if I didn’t fight harder, I may not get ANYTHING. Maybe…

But, I have now realized that I had been violating the laws of nature for a very long time. Oh, I got things. I accumulated masses of amount of stuff. Stuff to fill other things. Buckets of stuff. Things… I thought were so important, only to find out… they mean nothing.

The LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT is always in effect. And we are either working with it, or against it. And GIVING is the key. Now, I don’t mean giving money, although that can be a part of it. (This is where I ask for your credit card number 😉  GIVING can mean TIME, THOUGHTS, ACTS, COMPLIMENTS and many other things.

If you give thoughts of WORRY, you’ll attract more things to worry about. If you give your TIME to help someone, you’ll be HELPED. If you act harshly to someone, you’ll be treated harshly. Get the point? This,… is LAW. And it’s always working whether you acknowledge it or not.

Live your life CAREFULLY. Give RIGHT THOUGHTS and attract RIGHT CONDITIONS. Learn to be AWARE of what you are thinking. Give RIGHT ACTS and good things will come. Stay the course, never give up, and ALWAYS GIVE FIRST. Now, go get ‘em, tiger!

Today’s cool author. FLORENCE SCOVEL SHINN

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