Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #CaptainAmerica3 #KarateKid2 #StarWars7 #Gremlins #SinisterSix #BattlestarGalactica


CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 is now slated for May 6th 2016… It’s gonna take that long to clean up the mess in D.C.

• Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith will be back in KARATE KID 2, directed by Breck Eisner. “Break a Brick, Breck.”

• Peter Mayhew will be returning to STAR WARS EPISODE VII as Chewbacca… And that makes me very BaccaowchodeegaaaAAAA!!!!

GREMLINS is getting a Re-Boot… Or a Re-Do… Or a Re-AMC Gremlin. Ok, I’m lost.

STAR WARS EPISODE VII is already filming… so THEY LIED! That’s it, I’m throwing away my Star Wars RePro Lunch Pail and buying a BumbleBee Action Figure with Chopping Motion. Wait… did I just write that out loud?

• Director Drew Goddard is helming the Spider-Man spin-off SINISTER SIX… That might include Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman and The Vulture. Gonna be a Spidey beatin.’

• Transcendence writer John Paglen will be scripting the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA… Glen Larson producing…. wait, again? Isn’t Glen 104?

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