Sunday Pondering… The SPIRIT OF OPULENCE #spirit #helping #gratitude #joy #love


Thousands of people flock to my little town throughout the year, especially in summer. And I bet if I lined them all up and asked them why they love the beach, they’d tell us what we already know. But do we?

There are a lot of reasons, but if you think inductively for a bit, you’ll come to the answer. It’s simply comparing a variety of instances with each other to see what they have in common… but what gives rise to them all. Otherwise known as the common thread for expansion…

What makes Malibu unique… and makes all these people want to come here? It’s what I call “The Spirit of Opulence.” Originally coined by author Thomas Troward, The Spirit of Opulence embodies our love of living by the sea. An aggregated system of components that all give rise to… love.

I love the beach life so much. It brings me joy, happiness, peace, health and harmony. It’s love. And it’s what EVERYONE wants. And that’s why people come here. To get a little piece of it.

What’s the point for this Sunday?

We have to spread love to everyone. Our love of Beach Life or whatever you’re into. We do that with service, smiles, kindness, helping and gratitude. And if we express that, then we get more of the same. Generosity brings generosity. What do YOU want?

Join me and get into The Spirit of Opulence. Think opulent and opulence comes. And we’ll be the change we want to see in the world.

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