5MINUTE DRIVE Ep 26 with the Creator of #DUKESOFHAZZARD Gy Waldron… @slashfilm @mashable @deadline @dodge @Newsarama #dodgechallenger


Howdy folks! Episode 26 is finally up for you to check out and features my incredible new guest, GY WALDRON. Gy was the original creator of the TV Show “DUKES OF HAZZARD” and shares some amazing stories about how it all came together, including some things about the General Lee that I can guarantee you don’t know.

Be sure to check out our outtakes on the end as always! Wee bit of fighting goin’ on. 😉

Also featured is Dodge’s fantastic 2014 CHALLENGER R/T in orange, baby! It’s an awesome machine and drives like bat outta hell… assuming bats are in hell, I guess. But we have a blast, talk cool cars and hear some Dukes behind the scenes treats! Check it out here or hit the JUMP

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