Today’s REALITY CHECK… #inspiration #wakeup #quote #youreawesome #geterdone ##designyourday


What does it mean to Wake Up?

Well, this is YOUR life. And you have FREE WILL to do whatever you want. But do you believe that? If you don’t, then you don’t have Free Will. But that fact is that you DO, no matter what anyone tells you. And because you do, today you get to DESIGN YOUR DAY.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and SEE your day going the way YOU WANT IT TO. Believe that you have the power inside you to see it through. Don’t worry about the hows. They are none of your business. Just KNOW that you will.

Then, open your eyes and WATCH IT HAPPEN. It may even be BETTER that you can perceive. In fact, just the THOUGHT of designing your day actually has already set the CAUSE in motion. Nicely done.

You’re awesome. And you were born that way.

Congratulations. You just WOKE UP.

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