T-Minus 9 Days to THE BIG PHOTO SHOW… @thebigphotoshow #thebigphotoshowla @shadbalch #photo @90265mag #photograph


Along with some cool Movie Cars, I’ll be bringing in a Velocity Yellow 2014 Corvette Stingray! This is an awesome car and will be a featured vehicle for all of you to shoot. My Saturday Seminar will start with it also. Anyone wearing yellow will get some free chocolate, too!! Unless I eat it all… to which I’ll be coming to the show weighing a little more than I’d like. But wear yellow anyways ’cause it’s cool.

1 Week to go, peeps!

Also, shooting another 5MINUTE DRIVE today with Malibu’s Engine 70 Fire Station! Keep an eye out for us cruising through town this morning!

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