The Best of THE CULVER CITY CAR SHOW… #hotrod #musclecar #ratrod #lowrider #scooter #chopper


Today I spent a few hours at George Barris’ Culver City Car Show. A great turnout of cool rides and fun people as always. SPent the morning siging books for folks and hanging with the guys from World Class Motoring. Lots of kids, too.

Car Customization is alive and well but it makes me think what will show up in the next 20-30 years. Lowrider Teslas? Chopped and channeled Prius’? Pinstriped Cadillac ELRs? Only time will tell, but young audiences are surrounded by lots of cool but also by environmental concerns. Just the way of the world now, so I look forward to seeing what will be the next big thing.

DSC00549 DSC00550

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