Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Trailers, plus #ID2 #JohnCarter2 #Daredevil #TheMatrix #SinCity2 #MovieManiac


INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 and 3 are getting a re-write… At this point, might as well call them Independence Day 1: ALL OVER AGAIN.

• According to Taylor Kitsch, JOHN CARTER 2 has an awesome script… But most likely will never get made. Unless. Wait, No. But, maybe.

• Can you believe it? Renny Harlin’s 1996 CLIFFHANGER is getting a remake and so is Roland Emmerich’s STARGATE. Oh, the shame…

• Marvel’s DARDEVIL is a Go as a Netflix Original Series in 2015… I dare you to watch, but don’t forget to put something else on your queue in case.

• Trailers… Liam Neeson in A WALK AMONG TOMBSTONES. Chris Evans in SNOWPIERCER. Jeremy Renner in KILL THE MESSENGER.

• Posters… Mondo’s THE MATRIX & SIN CITY 2

Kevin-Tong-The-Matrix sincity2-poster-evagreen-full

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