Someone pickin’ on you in the Condiments Aisle? Call HOLLYWOOD HEROINES… #asskicker #hero #illustrator #artist


Incredible pieces today from Hollywood’s finest… even if Hollywood is all over the world. These artisans are amazing. This set from Ina Wong, bcnyART, Lagunaya, Matias Murad, Idrassi Soufiane and Yan Shu. Be sure to check out their sites.

001-mustsee-digital-art-ina-prasetyaningrum 003-amazing-illustrations-lagunaya

005-hot-concept-art-idrassi-soufiane 6-3d-fantasy-cg-girl-by-kjun-9bzo7 006-concept-art-yan-shu 006-hot-concept-art-idrassi-soufiane

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