The RODEO DRIVE CONCOURS Highlights… Father’s Day Mecca @rodeodrive #rodeodrive


An incredible day for Father’s Day on Rodeo Drive for the 100th Anniversary of THE RODEO DRIVE CONCOURS d’ ELEGANCE. Some really spectacular cars and a tons of Dads drooling all over them. Got to see my buddy Dave Kunz for KABC and hand with the fam. Check it out…

DSC00817 DSC00818 DSC00819

DSC00820 DSC00822 DSC00823 DSC00825 DSC00826 DSC00828 DSC00829 DSC00831 DSC00832 DSC00833 DSC00836 DSC00837 DSC00838 DSC00839 DSC00840 DSC00841 DSC00842 DSC00843 DSC00846 DSC00847 DSC00849 DSC00851 DSC00852 DSC00853 DSC00854 DSC00855 DSC00856 DSC00858 DSC00859 DSC00861 DSC00862 DSC00864 DSC00869  DSC00873

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