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I don’t normally spend much time in small SUVs, but when the 2014 HYUNDAI TUCSON showed up at the pad, I was struck by it’s oval futuristic personality. It seemed to be happy to be here. And that, of course, put a smile on my face. Thinking of what this car might look like in a CARS movie with its voice and movements would reflect a kind of innocent joy.

My first spin in the Tucson took me up PCH into town with a sense of “Well, I don’t really have any place t go, but for some reason, I’m having a good time.” Again, the personality of the car was affecting me. I seemed to be allowing people to pull in front of me, driving the normal speed limit and having no anxiety about anything. Wow, this was interesting.

Facts? If we must… the Tucson gets about 28mpg on the hwy and costs a wee less that $30K. My version was in Winter (Walter) White, which of course I got in Summer and made me think that it was snowing wherever I went. The interior was all Hyundai with it’s buttons, doodads and super comfy seats… and with 109cu/i of space, you could fit your entire Star Wars Action Figure Collection in the back, including Ghost Ben Kenobi. Sweeeeet.

But the oval. The egg. The white Peanut shape. Ok, it’s not really any of these, but for some reason it doesn’t look like a regular Crossover either. Not a bad thing, but a Happy thing. I just wanted to put on the Pharrell Williams song and go see a kid’s move. Any kid’s movie. And maybe that was it…?

For some funny reason, this car made me feel like a kid. Like, if kids were old enough to drive and they made tiny cars for them, this SUV would be a top seller. Although the interior would have to be Superman colors. (Take note, Hyundai!) But youth as an aspect to a car is important. Young Moms doin’ the Mom thang, young up and comers doin’ the delivery thang, small business owners piling in flowers, cup cakes and homemade cookies… Yum. Thinking of this made me want to design a Cookie Logo for the side of it. I didn’t, ’cause Hyundai would have a field day… until Sunday. (Don’t think they have plans to be another Famous Amos.)

But all in all, the Tucson… named after a hot city in Arizona… in Winter White… driving by the Ocean… and in the hands of a Fireball… just made me want to laugh. And you will too if you get your hands on one. So lighten up people… there’s still cars out there to make you smile. Hyundai seems to understand this…

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