Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #Expendables3 #GIJoe3 #FirstSupermanShot #Fast&Furious7


• Looks like EXPENDABLES 3 will be rates PG-13… ’cause there’ll be less killing as in only 300 deaths as opposed to 3000. Seems like the right choice.

• Dwayne Johnson is signed on for GI JOE 3… Ok, enough already. Let’s just call it by what it is. GI MY JOHNSON.

• Superman’s new costume is lookin’ spiffy for SUPERMAN VS BATMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE… And is that Gotham behind him? Uh, huh…

• I’ve given the go-ahead for FAST & FURIOUS 7 to come out on my Birthday, April 3rd… Yes, it cost them a bundle. And yes,… I am now buying an island in Tahiti. SHWING!



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