What’s happening @ THE FIREBALL PAD… #HyundaiEquus #KiaK900 #CadillacELR #Mustang #5MinuteDrive


• Ok, so here’s what’s coming to the Fireball Pad soon… The HYUNDAI EQUUS, KIA K900 & CADILLAC ELR. All luxury, all cool. But how do they stack up and who are my guests for 5MINUTE DRIVE?

• The AUTOMOTO Film Festival in Monterey is coming soon. Check out the slate of films here…

• Our KCL Division is currently working on a project for SO SO HAPPY. Plus, check out Kathie’s recent French Fry for Honda. Pretty dang funny.

• Have you checked out my new GIVE COOLNESS STORE? 50% of all proceeds goes to The National Mill Dog Rescue.

• In one week, we’re heading up to Corvallis, OREGON. There’s gotta be some cool cars there!

• The Youtube 5MINUTE DRIVE Page has an all new Banner. More new stuff coming soon, plus…

• All new 5MINUTE DRIVE episode coming Monday! It’s the BULLITT MUSTANG!

Hyundai-Equus_2014_1024x768_wallpaper_07 Kia-K900_2015_1024x768_wallpaper_11 Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.13.26 PMFrenchFry

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