A week in CORVALLIS, OREGON brings a wet, wild and slightly painful experience @corvallis #corvallis #oregon

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Had a blast on our trip to Corvallis and Portland this past week. Swam in the Willamette, went to the wedding our our friends Jordan & Tiffany, hung with our friends The Hubbards, ate at some cool joints and even had our teeth worked on thanks to Doc Wood of Dixon Creek Dental. He’s the BEST and always will be due to the fact that he’s a Conscious Cool Dentist. He has some of the best people in the business working with him and they are seriously fun to hang out with. Over seeing a dentist locally, I’d make the trip to Oregon ANYTIME!! Thanks again Doc for everything!

Regarding Corvallis, it’s a quaint and beautiful town about an hour or so south of Portland. The river is fun to swim and the people are super awesome.

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