Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #Futurama #Lucy Car Chase #FlintstonesHouse in Malibu #ActionMovie


• This Test Shot for the upcoming 3D FUTURAMA looks slick… and let’s hope New York ever looks that good.

• Scarlett Johansson rips through the streets of Paris in this clip from LUCY… C’mom, WAY too many silver cars in Paris.

• This contestant from AMERICAN NINJA WARRIORS has a movie career coming…

• Dick Clark’s FLINTSTONES House in Malibu is super awesome… STONEAGETECTURE

• Posters… ATLAS SHRUGGED 3, GUARDIANS, SIN CITY 2 and more…

Hot Property | Mar. 11, 2012 LIFE HOME-HOTPROPERTY-ADV11 11 LA Dick-Clarks-Flintstones-House-in-Malibu-4 Dick-Clarks-Flintstones-House-in-Malibu-6

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