Fireball Alexa learns to PADDLEBOARD… #paddleboarding #ocean #marina @MarinaDReyPatch @MarinaDelRey_CA

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This past month in July, my lil’ niece Alexa has had a whale of a time. She landed the cover of LA PARENT Magazine, had a huge trampoline birthday party and then there’s this… I’ve always felt that giving experiences are better than giving things. And experience adds to the value of life and makes up a person. So we took Alexa and her Pop paddleboarding for the first time at Mother’s Beach n Marina Del Rey. A great lil’ beach for toddlers.

We paddled near the boats, saw a Seal doin’ it’s thing and watched Kathie try her best to PaddleYoga. You can see the result. 😉

Next time a birthday rolls around, forget the gifts and give the fun. It lasts a lifetime for everyone.


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