Morning #Surf Contest in #Malibu brings nostalgia and great #Waves… #photos #photography #picture #stills


I shot these this morning with my cell phone at a Malibu MSA Contest. Kinda freaked me out as to how good they came out, but the truth in photography isn’t about your equipment anymore. It’s in the eye. How you see. Filters, tiltshifting and subjects help, but nothing beats space division, color and contrast.

Knowing what to DO with a shot to make it perfect is an art. It’s isn’t enough anymore just to take a good picture. That’s only the beginning…

2014-09-06_07-35-08_938-tiltshift 2014-09-06_07-40-54_128-tiltshift

2014-09-06_07-52-41_789 2014-09-06_08-06-13_628 IMG_20140906_0730042014-09-06_07-28-40_59-tiltshift IMG_20140906_073243-tiltshift

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