BACK EAST… Philadelphia Day 6-7 #Philly #Philadelphia #CheeseSteak @MommaKatMont @MemphisTaproom1 @HyattPhilly


Ok, so on to Philly from New York, we grabbed a train and scooted to my Cousins to peruse the Liberty Bell and see some cool history. There were several highlights as we hung out with (r2l) Billy, Emily, Claire, Kitty, Betty, Matt and my Kathie.

All the shots are below, but the best part was walking the streets of Philly and seeing the LIBERTY BELL, INDEPENDENCE HALL, the awesome MEMPHIS TAPROOM where we had the most incredible Vegan Club Sandwich IN THE UNIVERSE,  PENN’S LANDING by our awesome Hyatt Hotel with old ships & subs & a cool barge bar, the CEMETERY where Nicholas Cage was being chased and shot at (Didn’t see any bullet riddled headstones, dammit!) the ORIGINAL WHITE HOUSE and more. What did I learn about Philadelphia??

1. Pass and Stow WILL NOT lead you to massive treasure back in New York! It’s just anuth’r clue, dammit!!!!

2. Seeing the Liberty Bell is FREE. Parking at the Hyatt ain’t. And no one makes a vegan Philly Cheese Steak… yet.

3. My cousin Kitty’s family is WAY AWESOME! Emily is a pocket nuke rocket, Claire is a budding expert photographer, Betty is a soon to be Hollywood Star, Matt (her boyfriend) easily removed my hairy eyeball and is now super cool, Kitty herself is my mirror image and now officially KITTYBALL and Billy (her man) is the nicest guy you’ll ever know. That’s because he’s got all these cool girls around him, has a ManCave, believes in Justice and grows herbs (that you eat, not smoke.)

4. Standing in the room where the Declaration of Independence gave me a FireballChillster.


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