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Ahhh, Washington DC. Our Capitol. The Main Point. The Coop ‘d Groove. ObamaVille. MonuMENTAL Politicians. Cool Sites. Pointy Objects and Casablanca…

It’s where it all happens. And if it doesn’t happen there… well, it happens somewhere else. Now I’m off my point and don’t know where I’m going. DANG!

Oh! Washington DC! Got to spend a couple days groovin’ to the move of this city with Kathie and her sis, Susi. Hittin’ every Monument conceivable, The White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, DuPont Circle and Georgetown. My finger actually got stuck out one point from POINTING too much. But…

What an amazing city. Things I learned???

1. Washintonians LOVE to honk.

2. Ambulances LOVE to blare.

3. Best restaurant in Georgetown was CAFE MILANO hands down. We had a spectacular waitress who deserves a raise. Seriously.

4. The Smithsonian makes every other museum seem like Joe’s Garage of Paintings. Seriously.

5. The Declaration of Independence is NOT stealable. Unless you have a Secret Pass to the underground vault (Code is VALLEYFORGE) and Nicholas Cage’s cell #. Oh, and some gum.

6. Don’t step on GoosePoop as you make your way to the Lincoln Memorial. Landmines are everywhere and it smells like… well, poop.

7. Mojitos are good. Especially after the third one.

8. Jumping the fence to the White House is a dumb idea and no one should do it… EVER. Oh, wait. Didn’t somebody already… (Besides, if you Tweet Obama really nicely, he’ll get you a pass most likely.)

8. Official USA White House Helicopters are very loud and like to buzz Monuments. If you look close in the window, you’ll see Putin waving. (Or maybe it was Anthony Hopkins?) Whatever.

9. Photobombed by President Lincoln? Priceless.

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