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One of the days back east, we hit the massive home of famed sculptor SEWARD JOHNSON. One of Kathie’s favorite sculptors. And here’s the story…

A while back, Seward premiered his massive sculpture of MARILYN MONROE in Chicago. We were there to enjoy it in all it’s glory and found out that it would be traveling. Just so happened that her next stop was Palm Springs. So, we grabbed Fireball Pop and a cool car and went off to see here there for the second time. One of Marilyn’s favorite towns beside our Malibu homestead.

As we put together this latest trip to the East Coast, Kathie investigated where Marilyn would go next and it turns out she was going home to Hamilton New Jersey and Seward’s Sculpture Garden. So, we set off again…

Not only did we see her beautiness once more, but we had an incredible time enjoying all of Seward’s other pieces and his incredible garden. And rest assured, we’ll be going to wherever she goes next, too.

Thank you Seward for doing what you do best, and inspiring Kathie to finish her Mermaid below…

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