Check out what @CHRYSLER @DODGE @FIATUSA @JEEP & #ALFA are up to… Wicked Fast and great #design #Thanks @AlfaRomeoOwners


The other day, I got an invite from my friends at CHRYSLER to come up to Calamingos Ranch in Malibu and see what they are up to with new products. All the brands were represented there including the DODGE CHALLENGER & CHARGER HELLCATS. It was a beautiful day to see these amazing cars on the grass.

Now, you know I’m not going to spend the time to get into all the specs of these cars ’cause DESIGN is my thang. Besides, one or two clicks and you’ll hit a plethora of sites that will ansfer all that. (Ansfer is an Easter Egg. What’s it from?) But, although I was impressed with most of them, I was really impressed by the passion that the Chrysler peeps expressed about over sales and the personal experiences they’ve had.

Very grateful for the amazing lunch and op to drive some of the cars. The Hellcats are named appropriately!

DSC01036 DSC01022

DSC01023DSC01037 DSC01024 DSC01025 DSC01026 DSC01027 DSC01028 DSC01029 DSC01031 DSC01032  DSC01034 DSC01020

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