SoCal’s @ALTCAREXPO goes off with a snooze but with Cool Electic SCOOTERS… @MahindraGenZe @EcoRecoScooter #ebike #environment


I’ve gone to the ALTCAR EXPO every year since it started and although it seems to be shrinking a bit every year, the vehicles present are still very cool. I’d recommend to those of you who have new two-wheeled electric demons that have premiered to get you rides into the LA Auto Show this year. 1.4Million peeps looking for something cool.

But a day at the show revealed two clear winners. GenZe’s amazing “Pickup truck” Scooter and EcoReco’s foldable two-wheeled razor-type scooter. (More on that one below). Both were fun in design and hit two different aspects of lifestyle.

The GenZe (Twitter) full size scooter is clearly something that would appeal to College Students as it has a tremendous amount of storage and carrying space. A great design, especially in white, top speed of 30mph so parents won’t freak out and a range of 30 miles. Lots of cool other stuff, but hit their SITE to get more of the skinny. They also have a more normal eBike that goes about 16mph and was pretty fun to ride, especially if you want to avoid hill climbing.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed in the show as it’s really not marketed all that well. Their Twitter has only 82 followers, so someone needs to start promoting more. Not many cars considering the amount of manufacturer cars are increasing and individual boutiques are as well. C’mon guys, let’s get on the ball. This is important.

Btw, if you have a cool vehicle from the show, come to our new MALIBU CARS & COFFEE on Sunday October 5th. You won’t be able to Advertise there yet, but you can certainly bring the scooter and let Malibuites check it out.



EcoReco’s Scooter was more of a weekender/sidewalker foldable in trunk type of scooter. Very cool with a top speed of 20mph and a 20 mile charge. Folds easy in seconds. You can do stunts and all kinds of stuff on this lil’ beast. Check them out here.

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