All is good, because HOLLYWOOD HEROINES say so… #digitalillustration #women #heroes #fighters #allisgood


Life is full of challenges. Things to overcome by not seeing over them, but seeing through them. Strong women are key roles in film because everyone easily expects men to be able to handle anything. But women have more difficult challenges as they are faced with man’s ego. That in itself is a insurmountable task.

These images and all the Heroines I post are not just cool shots of ladies wearing armor, they stand for the success of not only overcoming, but seeing the truth. The truth that the only thing that matters is how you look at things. And looking with eyes that mean business, concentrated on achieving the one goal of peace through superior perception, the goal is won.

All is good. No matter what you have to face, believe that today, all is good and it becomes so. Have a great day, ppl.


017-stunning-digital-art-rob-shields Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 4.29.13 AM003-hot-fantasy-illustrations-simon-eckert Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 4.29.32 AM006-manga-illustrations-canking

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