Successful BEACH RESCUE was guided by random inspiration… #Malibu #Beach #Bird #Rescue #Wildlife #California


Strange thing yesterday, but Kathie was inspired to take the dogs to the beach at a specific time. Low tide always means fun for them with the tide pools and ball toss, but this time it was cut short due to a downed bird.

Now, I’m not sure what kind of bird this was, but it didn’t matter because since he’s ocean based and can’t walk due to his legs being behind him and built for swimming and diving, he should not have been on the beach. It was obviously he was hurt and didn’t fight, so we snatched him up carefully and shot him to the great peeps of the California Wildlife Center. Now he’s in good hands to be treated. So cool.


MalibuRescue_FireballTimMalibuRescue_FireballTim MalibuRescue_FireballTim MalibuRescue_FireballTim

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