Fireball Recommends SMOGS JUST SMOGS in Santa Monica… #smogcheck #smog #getsmogged #smogsjustsmogs


So, KING TAHOE needed a Smog Check. Yes, the KING does need to be clean, so the Bride and I went to SanMo to do it. We piddled around on Lincoln looking for a good place and whisked into one. The dood took one look at my K&N Filter and said, “I’m not doin’ this truck.” He kind freaked like there was a gerbil hiding in it, not to mention his prices were ridiculous. So…

…We kept driving. And down the street right off Lincoln we found my buddy here, Chris from SMOGS JUST SMOGS. (813 Michigan Ave. 310 452 7103) From the moment we pulled up, he was all smiles and assured me it would be handled right way and at a very cool price. But his attitude was what really impressed me. He was just relaxed and happy to help me… and didn’t freak at the K&N, knowing that this filter was Carb Legal and all good.

Cut to… Kathie and I walked to a Starbucks, chowed on Vanilla Scones, guzzled a latte and headed back. Exactly 2o minutes to the T, we walked up and Chris was sitting relaxed and all thumbs up. Again, just happy to help. So… we took a Selfie. šŸ˜‰

Now, we all get caught up in things and let those nasty thoughts get the best of us. And that can ruin our day. But they don’t have to. The sooner you say to yourself that “All is Good no matter what,” the better things get. Chris seemed to know this and as a result, he gets this post and it’s love to FB, Twitter and about 30 other Social Networks. Thanks, Chris.

Does your car need a Smog? Go to my friend, Chris. He’s the dood and show him some love too. You GIVE… you GET. It’s the LAW.

“You can advance only by more than filling your present place. You must do perfectly, all that can be done now. And it is the LAW that by doing things perfectly all that you can do now, you will become able to do things later that you can’t do now.

The doing to perfection of the one thing ultimately provides us with the equipment for doing the next larger thing, because it’s a principle inherent in nature that life continuously advances. Every person who does one thing perfect is instantly presented with an opportunity to begin doing the next larger thing. This is the Universal Law of all life… and is unfailing.” W.W.


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