#SEMASHOW Day 1 reveals amazing Rides, Celebs & SemaBabes… #Vegas #Girls #RichardPetty #LasVegas #Tuner #RatRod #MuscleCar


An incredible start to the SEMA SHOW with an all-star cast. Had a great opportunity to talk with NASCAR legend Richard Petty, explore some amazing rides and see friends. Not to mention the SEMA Babes that peppered everywhere.

This is only the beginning, ppl…

DSC01159SEMA40 DSC01160

DSC01161 DSC01163 DSC01165SEMA48 DSC01166 DSC01167 DSC01168 DSC01169 DSC01171 DSC01172 DSC01173 DSC01174 DSC01175 DSC01176 DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01179 DSC01180 DSC01181 DSC01182 DSC01183 DSC01184 DSC01185 DSC01186 DSC01187 DSC01188 DSC01189 DSC01190 DSC01191 DSC01192 DSC01193 DSC01194 DSC01195 DSC01197 DSC01198 DSC01200 DSC01201 DSC01202 DSC01204 DSC01207 DSC01208 DSC01210 DSC01211 DSC01212 DSC01214 DSC01215DSC01157


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